Specialty Braided Products

Under the Table Rugs also makes custom braided rugs and unusual  braided items. Our signature Turtle RugsKitty Kat Karpets , and Canine Carpets are very popular.

Turtle 003

LilacPond 001

The Turtle Rug is a theme rug created in steps:  first the shell, then the turtle, on a rock, in a pond, by the shore, and – sometimes – surrounded by flowers and trees.  Do you see it?   Although the colors differ, the theme remains the same.

BlueRibbon KittyKat

 Kitty Kat Karpets are approximately 20″ round and our loved by feline friends.  For whatever reason, cats just love  to curl up with wool!  Send a picture and we can attempt to make a Kitty Kat Karpet to match your kitty kolors!



BlueRibbon Dogbone

Canine Carpets are shaped like a dog bone, and about 24″ long.  They can be used for feeding dishes, or a comfy mat for a small dog.  They too can be created with your pet colors.

(Both were awarded first prize at the Deerfield Fair in 2014)