About Braided Products

Not just your Grandmother's braided rugs anymore ...


Rug Braiding has been going through a renaissance over the past twenty years.  Products created and materials used today are not all for the floor: chair pads, baskets, table mats, braided wall hangings, 3D free standing objects are all a part of the braiding world.   Rounds and ovals are still traditional shapes, but so many different variations, vibrant colors, and use of other fabrics like velvets and satins make today's braided products works of art!  

All products created at Under the Table Rugs are hand braided and laced using primarily vintage wool yardage.  The fabric is always washed and dried before  use.  Inventory is constantly changing, ensuring that each item created will be unique. 

Wool is an especially wonderful textile.  It has great texture, depth, and is naturally water and stain resistant.  Braided rugs are warm, beautiful, and feel comfortable under your feet.  Because the rugs made here can be reversed (and should be every few months), they are doubly long wearing!

Under the Table Rugs specializes in area rugs of various shapes for all uses in every room.  Other braided products include table mats, practical pretty baskets, and chair pads.  We even offer pet rugs shaped like a kitty and dog bone (see Other Braided Products on this website). 

 All products made at Under the Table Rugs are:

· Hand braided and laced

· 85 to 100% Wool Yardage —Washed and Dried

· All rugs are reversible

· Custom made to suit your space, color, and need

You can be sure that the finished product will be a perfect fit for its intended place and purpose.